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Our Organisation

Our Constitution defines the object of the Association as:

to relieve the blind, or visually impaired, or those labouring under some temporary or permanent incapacity or disability which makes reading a strain, by the provision of audio material.

You can read our Constitution by clicking here.

The news and views from the Newsquest Media Group Ltd publication ‘North Norfolk News’ are recorded each week on memory sticks and uploaded to this website. The service is entirely free to listeners. Royal Mail provides free postage. The Mardler claims no fees or subscriptions and provides memory stick players where needed.

The Trustees, production teams and committee members are all volunteers, there being no wage bill. The Charity is funded by private donations. The premises are leased from the Aylsham Methodist Church, the Mardler having exclusive use of the studio and sharing the copying room with the Church.

Our management committee is made up of:

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  • Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Three Custodian Trustees
  • Listener Representative
  • Chief Editor
  • Chief Engineer
  • Listener Liaison Officer
  • Copy & Dispatch Coordinator


Of course, equally important are our other volunteers who record and dispatch each edition.  We have:

  • Forty News Readers
  • Twelve Copy and Dispatch Helpers

We can always use more volunteers to help spread the workload.  If you think you can help then please get in touch with our Chairman.

Two Norfolk gentlemen having a mardle over a farm gate.