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Every Friday

We have four teams made up of an Editor/Producer, a Sound Engineer, ten readers and four Copy And Dispatch volunteers.  Each team is responsible for creating one edition of The Mardler each month.  The readers are scheduled on rotation to provide four each week throughout the year.

Below we have the Week 1 studio team (June 2023).  At the back is Sound Engineer David and Producer Chris.  From left to right are our readers Chris, Caroline and Eleanor.  Our fourth reader, Lorna, is holding the camera.

Week 1 recording team in the studio

Once recording is complete the Copy and Dispatch Team jump into action.  Below you can see The week 3 team (June 2023) with Lorna scanning in the returned wallets and Anne operating the copying machines.

Lorna scans each wallet into a computer to keep track of the returns.Anne operates the cleaning and copying machines to duplicate the master copy.